Thinking with Wittgenstein

Ian Ground, Vice-President of the British Wittgenstein Society, and Michael Bavidge, PSE President, will discuss Wittgenstein’s appeal to the imagination and how it encourages us to think of thought and language as a set of flexible and open-ended possibilities, rather than a fixed system.

One of my most important methods is to imagine a historical development of our ideas different from what has actually occurred’.

ian-ground michael-bavidge

Saturday 5th November 2016

3.00 pm – 5 pm

Conway Hall

25 Red Lion Square, London WC1

(nearest tube: Holborn)

This talk is open to all – we hope that you will be able to join us

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About Michael Bavidge

Michael Bavidge was a lecturer in philosophy at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, Newcastle University. For ten years before he retired, he ran the Adult Education Programme at the university. He has written on psychopathy and the law, pain and suffering, and animal minds. With Ian Ground he wrote 'Do Animals Need a 'Theory of Mind?' which appeared in Against Theory of Mind edited by Ivan Laudar and Alan Costall (2009). Suffering and Choice in Pain, Suffering and Healing ed, Peter Wemyss-Gorman (2011).

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