PhilsocEng_site_logoThe Philosopher is the Journal of the Philosophical Society of England.

It publishes original articles of philosophic interest that are accessible to a wide readership. We look for a high standard of readability and transparency. Topics range from core philosophical problems to discussions of current social and political issues. The only criterion is that they be philosophical in approach.

Anyone is invited to submit articles to the journal; please see the ‘submissions‘ information on our publisher’s website.

Issued four times per year, the journal has been in publication for many years and you can usually find the latest edition on this site for reading on-line. Please use the menus to the right of any of this site’s pages to access all editions by author name and other criteria. Use the ‘general index’ link at the foot of any page on the site if you want to look up an article by title or a journal author. Listed there too are people who have been referenced in publications or broad subject areas addressed; note these aspects of the index are somewhat arbitrary in nature. The index of journals and articles is by no means complete; however, we aim to gradually improve this situation as we transfer more content over to the website.