Philosophy at the Margins – Book Launch

Michael Bavidge.

4th June 2019, 7pm – 8.30pm, Lit and Phil, Newcastle.

Philosophical reflection begins where attempts to understand the world meet the energies of personal experience – on the cusp of the objective and the subjective. The result is the instability and the reticence of the philosophic voice, even if philosophers pretend to talk of eternal truths in a timeless voice. Philosophy has not only to live with this insecurity, but to cultivate it; to ensure that we are alive to it in our most reflective moments, as well as in our everyday lives. Individuals and cultures change: knowledge is accumulated; skills have to be practised; we grow into a moral life. There have to be transitions in acquiring a language, getting to know someone, coming to live in halfway decent ways. We are not converted or “born again” into being a language user or a social being. People, animals and institutions have thresholds and margins. We approach them, we do not confront them. We respect, not master them. We have confidence in them, not certainty about them. This talk will reflect on what is involved in being domiciled in the physical and social worlds.

Michael Bavidge was a lecturer in philosophy at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, Newcastle University. For ten years before he retired, he ran the Adult Education Programme at the university. His new book Philosophy at the Margins is published in June.

Admission Fee £5.00 (£3 concessionary)